November 21, 2009

I decided to be...

...a humanist. Because I got tired of everyone making the rules about what a feminist can and cannot like or can and cannot watch. You can't be a feminist and like Entourage—or if you do, you ought to feel guilty about it. You can't be a feminist and watch porn. So I, um, thought I coined the term. (I also believed that my father wrote MacBeth, but that's a totally different story.) Well, of course, I didn't. Humanists have been around for awhile. Probably, since there were first humans.

So instead, I have decided to be (drum roll, please) an optimist.
I told Sam my plan, and he said, "Good for you, they're a dying breed."

I told Georgia, and she said, "The parties are going to be so lonely. With only the one of you."


Now, back to my mug of coffee. Which is (as you guessed) is half full!



Anonymous said...

ha, if I wasn't so far away, I'd join your little party. I'm finding you can't like BDSM and be a feminist, apparently they negate each other in my little circle. And I long ago joined the Entourage, and now Californication, fanbase.


Jo said...

And there's me thinking you were a sex pixie!

Good luck with the optimism :)

I like to think I 'm a realist, but that may just be an excuse for my hearty negativity...

Alison Tyler said...

I think I've just gotten to place where I am tired of watching my step (and my mouth). But who can fight with optimism?

(Oh, I'm sure there are some pessimists just raring to take me on!)


Jo said...

There are a lot of feminists arguing for bdsm not being incompatible, in terms of it being a woman's right to choose to submit, to choose whatever form her sexuality may take, etc.

I think the humanism works ok here, in terms of there being intrinsically dominant people and submissive people.

I think we all need to be aiming for healthy autonomy and personhood but I don't think that has to negate the possibility of kinky sex, eh?