November 05, 2009

I'm so bad at these...

I just heard that I was about to get a check for D&A. Those who know me well know how baffled I am with acronyms and abbreviations. So I looked it up:

Acronym Definition

D&A Drug and Alcohol
D&A Depreciation and Amortization
D&A Delivery and Acceptance
D&A Deals and Allowances
D&A Dry & Abandoned

It's for #3. (Much better, I think, than #5.)


P.S. I've used these before. I've *bought* these before. And I love every last one of them.


Jeremy Edwards said...

I can't resist turning #2 inside out, to get "Appreciation and Demoralization"—in other words, a typical day in the publishing industry. ; )

Jo said...

I was just looking at my ones of those this morning.They're so pretty together, I can't bear to separate them.