November 05, 2009

On Pins and Needles

During acupuncture tonight, I thought how odd it is that I need someone to actually stick needles in me before I can be still and quiet and in one place for any length of time. That realization cracked me the fuck up. But in a very low-key way. As I had needles in me.

Alison (who adores this pin called Relics)


Jo said...

Heh. Just please don't try it at home!

Smut Girl said...

that's how i was. i would just go calm and go to another place. it was phenomenal and i miss it. you are making me covet being stuck with pins. hahaha! how odd. says, the woman who just admired her bite mark and spank bruises in the mirror before her shower. so...i guess it's not odd at all, is it? just my version of normal...


Alison Tyler said...

It's cool that we can all define that for ourselves. My normal would equal someone else's totally fucking twisted... right?