November 13, 2009

"You had me at anal."

Oh, god, I love this shirt. It's too cool for school. But I have to say, I am just dying to write a letter to Marie Claire today. I stopped buying magazines awhile ago (aside from Esquire and Vanity Fair). And now I remember why. In MC this month, there is a LOVE/SEX column called "You Want Me to Do What?" The author writes about how she was dating a guy who wanted her to put on a strap-on. I knew as I started reading the piece that the writer was going to introduce a concept she considered subversive and then diss on it. And once more, I wondered why the magazine couldn't either publish a companion piece about someone who strapped one on and *enjoyed* it. Or a sidebar with info, like, "If you're interested in trying a strap-on, here's a book. Here's a video. Here's a tool." Or even, how about this? Skip the article with the slap and only publish one that's positive. One with the slant, "Hey, I was dating this guy, and he wanted me to try a strap-on, and I fucking loved it."

Sure, the author is entitled to her own opinion. But her opinion has been given so many times. Basically, all the Sex & the City episodes I saw were built like that: "Let's talk about threesomes. Now, let's talk about how threesomes fuck up a relationship." "Let's introduce spanking. Aren't people who like spanking weirdos?"


Wouldn't you love to flip open a magazine and see a column called LOVE/SEX and read, "My guy wanted me to pee on him, and it was great." Or "My girl wanted to bind me down, and I loved it." Or "I was scared to try anal sex. Then I did. And oooooh wow!"

It's not just me, is it?


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Jeremy Edwards said...

Right on. The last thing people need is media voices giving them reasons to feel ashamed of their desires, afraid to propose things to a partner, or intolerant of people who have different turn-ons than they do.

Jo said...

Meh, Marie Claire, Sensationalist Glossy Shite.

I don't think you're the target market, somehow.

Well, except for the nail varnish promotions.

Emmy said...

Totally not just you! I would love it if those columns would stop acting like anal, spanking, etc happened and were enjoyed by people.

It is why I cringe anytime I read those columns.

And, I LOVE that t-shirt too! :)

frost said...

It's not just you! I'd like to see such a thing too! I hate these magazines--every time they do an article on sex it's always the same old stale crap--"Oooo, try reverse cowgirl! Put on a blindfold!" Please! Who is writing that junk?

By the way, this is the first time I've commented, but I've been following your blog for quite a while, and I have a number of your "Erotic Alphabet" books--you're awesome!

Alison Tyler said...

Glad I'm not the only one — and Jo, you're right. I'm not their target audience. But I do like flipping through every so often. Thanks, JE — my thoughts exactly.

Emmy — the t-shirt is too fucking cool, isn't it?
And frost — thanks so much! It's so cool when lurkers de-lurk.


Smut Girl said...

I would never ever write about a story with a woman wearing a strap-on. Especially NOT in that book you just put in your blog.
Not me.


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Nope, not just you.

But then, I never could understand why Sex in the City was considered edgy or shocking or out there. I thought they were just a bunch of whiners and it was obvious why they couldn't keep men around...

ste said...

That column sounds very silly. A strap-on? O, the horror!

Alison Tyler said...

Well, I am writing to Marie Claire to suggest a companion piece. I don't expect that they'll say yes, but it would be nice to have a mainstream magazine recognize that not everyone likes vanilla.


Shanna Germain said...

First, I. want. this. shirt. Damn. Damn. Damn. She even looks kind of like me. Fuck. Damn. Gimme! :)

Second, have you seen Californication? There's a whole plot line that revolves around master/slave/dom/sub stuff -- of course, they're making light of it in some ways, but I think they're also exploring it in a way that's thoughtful. My favorite quote (while discussing sticking a finger in a guy's ass): "You have to be gentle with the brown eye. He's a sensitive man."

Made me laugh. A lot.