December 17, 2009

Blame the insomnia...

I haven't been sleeping well lately, which may explain why I just tried to make rice out of popcorn. I poured two cups of popcorn into the pot, added four cups of water, and turned on the fire. Sam walked into the kitchen, peered into the pot, and then got this strange look on his face. "What are you making?"

I gave him the strange look right back. "What does it look like?" I asked, all sarcastic and wise-ass.

"Popcorn soup."


The good news is that Sam has taken over the dinner preparations. The better news is that while I'll probably be going absent for hours at a time online, I've started filling in as holiday help for Jackie. I love working retail. Well, I love working—period. I've had too many jobs to count—but my favorites have always been starring in the role of the retail slut. No idea why. I like to fold clothes. I like to organize. I'm good at helping. And—don't laugh—but I do like working in stores around Christmas. Yeah, I know. I'm the only one.

No worries about my stories suffering because I only write for a few hours a day—and those hours tend to be well before dawn or long after dusk. And since our main publishing company has all but gone under, I actually have had almost too much time on my hands.

But if I'm a little slow in blogland—you'll know why.



riendo said...

don't worry alison,
I understand.
i can relate to well, my life came to a,- have to hussle no matter what...
my job was hit w/ the recession, giving my life some depression,
:o wish me luck , trying to continue in the world...30 days to find a job,

Jo said...

Have fun with it. I don't know where to start with the popcorn soup, that's so sweet.

Someone's been keeping me up late recently and I've been driving around in a haze. I keep bypassing my destinations completely, and the other day I dropped my daughter to school and then got out into the parking lot before I realised I'd left my toddler insde.

And he's turned into a manic worl of an ADD child, and all I can do is stand and watch exhaustedly while he behaves ... eneregetically in public places.

Ah dear :)