December 05, 2009

"a broad like you"

Oh, no! There are only 3 of these supremely ugly boots that I adore with all my heart left in my size! Heh. You can see that when I get no sleep and spend half the night cruising the internet for bondage pants and the other half cruising the internet for things to wear with the bondage pants I don't have, I go a little crazy. Just a wee bit. Tiny, little, itsy bit...

I had to get out of bed at least six times last night to write down either story ideas or gift ideas. Finally, I just quit getting out of bed and stayed out of bed. Luckily, this is a low-key weekend. So if I am a little dazed, nobody will care. Or notice.

The good news—the best news—the most fabulous news is that my mother sailed through her procedure and is doing brilliantly well. She is a trooper. A 5'3", 105 pound broad. Oh, which reminds me, I was out with Georgia the other day at a sort of high-end lovely knick-knack/jewelry store. And Georgia picked up something which was gorgeous, but a little masculine. The clerk said, "You can totally pull that off, a broad like you." As soon as she uttered the words, the woman seemed to panic, as if Georgia might find "broad" offensive.

"It's fine," Georgia grinned. "I totally am a broad."

We collapsed into giggles. "Broad" is one of the words I love, but I don't have yet from Robbie Jenkins. (I'm collecting, you see. I have Floozy, Trollop, Harlot, Jezebel...)

Wow, I think this is like 17 posts in one! I'm snap, crackle, popping all over the place, like a box of cereal. In fact, I'm like a box of cereal with a special prize in the mix. Because I just had a cool idea. Tell me the definition you'd buy your best friend and I'll send one commenter a goody!

Off for java. And Rice Crispies.



Jo said...

Heh, I think 'dame' has to go with 'broad' doesn't it?

I didn't know anyone said that anymore, it's so Bugsy Malone, cute.

I think my girl would have to be a 'work in progress'. I wonder if that's there. Otherwise she's 'fabulous' - we joke about it, but it's true!

Aurora Hunter said...

For my best friend Lace, "Queen" for she is the ruler of all she surveys.

For my best friend, another Allison, "Self". That one is a little more esoteric. She believes in self-sufficiency, and has always tried to show me that I, by my-self, am enough. Also, she's not very focused one her-self at times, so I think it would help her remember it's okay to put her-self first sometimes.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, dame! Yes. I don't know if "work in progress" is in the dictionary. But fabulous definitely is. I also like this... (it's been sold, but you can see the image, still) Unfinished necklace.

"Work in Progress" is the name one of my stories in Blue Sky Sideways. It's actually one of the pieces I'm most proud of!

I like both of yours, too, AH. I'd like to be a ruler of all I survey, too!


Heidi Champa said...

If I could pick one word to describe my best friend Danielle, it would be "cagey".

She makes me laugh, is there to cry with me and has a sarcastic wit that I adore. But, what I love most about her is that I've known her forever, but she always manages to surprise.

This was a fun question, AT.


Alison Tyler said...

Cagey is totally a great word! I love that!


Jeremy Edwards said...

So glad your mother is doing well!

I associate "dame" and "broad," too. I could easily be wrong, but I have a vague idea that back when people actually used these terms with a straight face, "dame" was considered marginally politer, for reasons presumably wrapped up in class distinctions and repressive attitudes toward female sexuality. Like a cat might have referred to his boss's wife as a "dame" (if not within earshot), but calling her a "broad" might have seemed coarse, like it implied that she—gasp!—worked for a living or—double-gasp!!—had sex, or something.

Which is perhaps why our liberated ears like the sound of it now! ; )

Angell said...

I'd have to describe my bestie as intricate - she's complicated, puzzling and confounding, but all in a stylish and positive way.

In the same vein as work in progress, from Jo, my other bestie would have to be Raw. Yep, that's definately her.

Danielle said...

for my best friend ..who is also my cousin i would take mother..because he is my mother my father my brother and my best friend in the world...ten years older then me and he is always there for me...

for example.3 years ago i travelled to afrika..on the last day i had an accident with jetsky, a boat and a paraglider...thank god i had only a brain concussion..but i had to fly back the next i made it somehow into the plane...and actually drop down into a dead like sleep as soon as i found my seat..when i woke up i was already landing...stepped out of the plane..just to find that i had managed it somehow to come into THE WRONG PLANE..and i was in hamburg instead of i tried to find a flight chnace..:-( i called my cousin and told him what has happened..and he said: stay where you are...then he drove almost seven hours to hamburg..picked me up..drove me another 7 hours home..brought me home..made me breakfast and went to work without that a good friend?..he is an awsome mother:-)

Anonymous said...

The word I would use to describe my BFF is ~ divine. She is so full of love for people and animals. She is very spiritual. No matter how you look at it, divine describes her perfectly.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

My best friend and I started calling each other soulmates at around age 16 (and this was well before "soulmate" was a word in popular culture).

We were also, incidentally, the first people outside our own families to whom we said "I love you."