December 09, 2009

If you needed it yesterday...

I'm not your man. I used to be. (Not a man, of course. Although if you're interested in reading a a book about a girl who becomes a man, check out my Tiffany Twisted!) But I used to be the type of gal Friday who perked up her ears when someone barked at me, "And I need this yesterday." For some reason, needing things yesterday happens a lot in publishing. With our other imprint, I was constantly sprinting to Fed-Ex to resend something that had been misplaced at our book club. Sometimes, we had to put together samples. Our artist charged between $300 and $500 to create these for us. The book club would invariably lose at least one set a cycle, so we'd have to pay twice. "But we need this yesterday," was somewhat of a mantra.

The stress was—god, I hate to say this—thrilling.

Last year, I stopped doing things yesterday. At the start of the year, Shanna and I put together a pitch for one company and they kept asking for more and more material. Dread rather than excitement filled me when the editor asked for something "yesterday." Ultimately, I backed out of several projects when editors began tossing that command at me.

In the past two weeks, I've received several desperate emails. People wanting me to jump through hoops to get them something. And, well, I no longer am that girl. It's as if a rubber band that had been stretched for too long inside me has finally snapped.

What am I doing about this? First off, I'm not checking email. I glance at my business accounts because we're dealing with our corporate taxes. But I'm hardly signing into the others. I figure once or twice a week, I can see if there are any fires I need to put out. My guess is that anyone who needed something yesterday will either no longer need it, or have found it from someone else. Will I lose out by being off the grid? I don't know. I'm not stopping blogging, because, hell, I like blogging. So people know how to find me. I'm right here.

How will I stay in touch with friends? Don't laugh, but I've been writing letters. No, really.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if I'm slow to respond to an email—it's not because I don't like you. It's probably because I haven't read it yet. I promise I'll get back to you!



P.S. Striking pendant says, "I love you more today than yesterday." I couldn't help myself. I bought one for a friend.


Jo said...

Thank god!

I thought you were dead!

lol :)

I'm so glad to hear this.

Alison Tyler said...

Ha! You know, It's never the people you'd like to jump through hoops for, either.

Stress has been a very difficult monster for me this year. I'm doing everything I can to figure out how to kill the beast.


Jo said...

You're doin' good, Cupcake.