December 16, 2009

"This blog could be written by a computer."

On a day when I've been contemplating accepting a part-time job offer due to our financial situation, and in a year when I've been sort of on the emotional edge so many different times, I know that I should probably have simply deleted this comment that appeared on this post:

Hate to say it, but this is a really sexless blog - just filled with teasers meant to draw attention to the erotica merchandise. Nothing about this person's life. This blog could be written by a computer.

But I couldn't.



Jo said...


Let's see.

If a person wants to use a blog for advertising or PR, that's ok.

If a person wants to use their blog for going 'oh lookee' and bonding with other people about they like, that's ok.

If a person wantes to promote othes on their blog, that's ok.

If a person wants to reveal a little of thier load and get some support and friendship, that's ok.

If a person wants to communicate a bit about themselves, that's ok.

If a person wants to post about thier hot married sex and post pics in them in their hot boots and stripey tights, that too is ok.

What is not ok, is telling someone what their blog should be.

Sometimes sex is not at the forefront of people's minds. When something more like survival and getting through is.

Guess what?

That's ok...


Alison Tyler said...

Well, if s/he had said the blog could have been written by a blender, I might have agreed.

Sam says I should not publish anonymous or unsigned comments anymore. If a person is not willing to at least put on a fake name, fuck 'em.


Anonymous said...

How rude.

What I don't get is, why bother leaving a comment? If the reader doesn't care for this blog, there are a bazillion others out there. Doesn't he/she have anything better to do than to leave anonymous potshots and put a sour note into someone's day?

Bah humbug. -- Erica

Jo said...


Thank god you accept the ones that are riddled with typos...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hear, hear, Jo!

That anonymous comment was not only gratuitously nasty and pointless ... it didn't even make any sense. Not the parts. Not the whole.

Jo said...

Written by a blender, heh.

Alison Scissorhands :)

The horror, as you try to put on your beautiful shoes!

Heidi Champa said...

I completely agree with Sam, Alison. I think this world, both online and in real life, would be a better place if people had to own up to what they say to other people. My local newspaper's online stories are plagued with racist, sexist and horrible comments because you don't have to use your name.

Forget all the negative crap, Alison. You're way too good for that. I think you're blog is awesome. If they don't like it, they can stop reading.


Smut Girl said...

Ah the every brave and bold 'anonymous' speaks. Hey, if you're gonna have the balls to say it, say it with your face on. Not wearing your 'i'm not anybody' mask. Wait, I bet if we check etsy there's a chicken mask on there somewhere, or at least a little charm...


Lazy Nudist said...

Hi. I don't comment on blogs that much, but I love your blog, it makes me smile and laugh. When I get money, I am going to buy your books.

Erobintica said...

wonder what they were searching for when they landed on your blog to make them so disappointed

yeah, I'm getting to all these posts late

Confidant said...

Having seen quite a few blogs that *were* written by a computer (those spam blogs that crop up all-too-often), I can say with virtual certainty that Alison Tyler is *not* a computer or even a robot. Alison Tyler has soul. And though I *do* believe in the good fairy who resides at the heart of the Internet, computer-generated blogs do not display evidence of soul. But what's really funny about that anonymous comment is the word "sexless." SexLESS? Seriously? That's honestly the *last* word that would have ever occurred to me to describe this ever-sexy blog. And "nothing about [your] life?" That's odd, because it's *all* about your life, even when you're talking about someone else! What puzzles me is why people bother to comment about a blog they've quite obviously never read.

Justine Elyot said...

What?! I don't even... Just baffled by that, to be honest. Anon didn't read very far presumably.

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks! You guys totally rock. It's funny because I worry half the time that I'm sharing too much—do other people really want to know when my man has blood work? Or that my mom's had surgery?

But whatever.

New day. New cup of coffee. New appliance to crave.


Jo said...

Yes. We do want to know. And about your nail varnish habit and bootlust.

Angell said...

I just LOVE those anon comments. I had a few on my other blog - needless to say I gave them a giant flaming....aaannnnyyway...

Yeah, I'm a little behind in my blog reading/commenting too but allow me to say this:


You know what? It's not even worth the bother. WE know you're a sex goddess, YOU know you're a sex goddess and more importantly SAM knows you're a sex goddess.

And all of the above love you.

Alison Tyler said...

You know how you can *know* something, and still it can fuck with your mojo? I'm trying to learn how to walk away from the nitwits.

Yesterday, I spent nearly all day out in the world. I brought my friend Jackie lunch because she was trapped in her store and couldn't leave. (I may become a retail slut part time for her.) It was good to get out and about, and it was swell to come back here and see all your nice comments. Ta!


Jo said...

Ooo, Alison's Adventures in Shopland! Cool.

Emerald said...

I somewhat wonder if that comment was written by a computer. (To me it might make more sense if so.)

Jo said...

If I could invent a pill, to translate the 'knowing' into ... owning? Feeling? I know so much... and I actually act on so little.


Anonymous said...

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking you feeds also, Thanks.

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you very much!