December 05, 2009

We had the kind of sex...

...the type of mind-melting, body-dissolving sexy sex that leaves me pulverized and unable to speak. Or breathe. Or think. Or, apparently, sleep. I am up at 2:01 a.m., just coasting in a glow that started with a brand-new pair of stripey boy-short panties (from The Gap of all places), and ended with me bent over the bed answering every dirty question he shot my way.

But now I'm up, and kind of mindless and aimless. Relieved and released. 15 years in and it doesn't stop getting better. Each and every time.


P.S. Perusing The Gap site, I have to say, did I post pictures that were much more risque on my Panty Parade? I still think those shots were, for the most part, pretty damn innocent.


Danielle said...

ah..isnt that the best sex? i m sure sommer would say you just had the best sex ever..:-)))

ps: i so miss the panty parades...actually all the parades...

Jo said...


Is the picture telling us you forked then spooned?

Alison Tyler said...

Yes! Do you want to spoon or fork? It's a killer pillowcase set, I think.


riendo said...

I love hearing things like this...
i love the idea that love is still out their and it's still having hot sex 15 years in.
situations like your friend is going through ..are way to common.
which sometimes for the most part makes a lot of us think love is fake, that no one can love anyone else as much as themselves...but i guess that shouldn't be a comes and goes... and when you find it the real one, the one for you,it's the best feeling in the world, making it worth the wait.

Smut Girl said...

hmm. i got dirty questions too. and dirty comments. i think they are synching up coast to coast. odd (o_O)