January 09, 2010

Blue Sky Sideways

This is one of my favorite pictures by Riendo. I am planning on using this for the new cover of Blue Sky Sideways. When I was flipping through the New Yorker this morning, I found this picture by William Eggleston. I don't know about you, but I think Riendo is ready for the New Yorker!



Sophia Valenti said...

That's such a gorgeous photo! It'll be a perfect cover.

riendo said...

Thank You so much!,
I hope to one day be serving such a company :)
it would be an honor...
This is great motivation, i can't say that enough....
Alison i sent you an invitation on flickr.com, it's just a small set of photos i was able to take while out looking for ideas. Let me know what you think, i think need more "hers".