January 16, 2010

I is for Inspirations...

I was an art history major (oh, yes one of those truly useful majors) in college because I wanted to be a curator. My cousin is a curator at an important gallery in D.C., and I hoped to follow after her. Obviously, I'm not a curator—except in the museum of my mind. Still, I go to galleries almost daily—and I'm friends with many artists, so I have the thrill of peeking into their studios and hanging out behind the scenes.

But I've never found an artist like Riendo who flat out takes pictures of everything I want to see. She captures beauty in the gritty, shows new sides of everyday visions. I'm mesmerized. Her pictures make me happy. They inspire me and make me want to be a better writer. I hadn't visited her flickr for a few weeks, and suddenly there are hundreds of photos I've missed.

Check her out.


P.S. Several of my main characters have been photographers. My favorite novel to date is Blue Valentine about a shutterbug. Maybe I ought to put that up on Kindle, with illustrations by Riendo embedded in the chapters....

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riendo said...

OH alison,
Talk about the ultimate compliment.
Sorry i'm here a day late.
i'll send you the email w/ all the info.
And yes i do take photos of everything.
The obvious and the hidden within the obvious.