January 24, 2010

Totally Tabular

I've been writing for awhile now. I've penned a slew of non-fiction books as well as erotic novels. And I have a confession. Being handled by a really good editor never gets old. Honestly, the sensation is totally tabular. I mean, tubular. I'm going through notes on a manuscript right now, and I swear to god, I'm discovering tics I never even knew I had. When you've been properly edited, the main goal goes beyond improving the single manuscript. The true test is to be able to learn from the notes and grow as a writer.

I'm committed. Okay, so I'm not going to kill *all* my fragments. Because I like fragments. But I'm working to limit their use, and to lose some nows and justs and...well, you get the shift. I mean, drift. My mission in life is to be a good writer. The help to get there is beyond appreciated!


P.S. Killer ring and pendant are from Gwen DELICIOUS.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Ok, I wouldn't presume to assume that about me but you know I didn't kill all your fragments. And I didn't step on them either, I just nudged them gently with my foot :)

And as to the shift lock, I got a similar shift key necklace I couldn't resist, because shifting is what Irish teens call kissing, otherwise known as getting off with each other.

Sigh, I'm still waiting for someone to run up and smooch me when I wear it...