January 15, 2010

"Yet another inane post."

You know what's funny? I look at my blog posts as rewards to myself. Finish a job, write a little post. Sometimes I can take the time to pen longer pieces. Other times I only have a minute to say something, share something, find a pretty bauble. I use my blog to promote people I like and writers I hope other people get to know. I host contests and send out giveaways. (Last year, I literally spent hundreds of dollars some months on prizes.) I go sort of tripping along through my day (which was a suck ass day for the most part) and then I come home a comment like this one:

"It's like you use this blog like Twitter, with irrelevant posts just to get traffic through. Not only is it difficult to keep with too many frequent posts, when they're dubiously titled, it just detracts from anything else. Really disappointed."

Which was followed by this one:

"Yet another inane post. As a book editor, shouldn't you be more concerned about the (lacking) quality of your posts?"

And then—me being me—I look back at my posts to see if they're dubiously titled. My last few were:

My Pretty Little Cock Sucker
How much per hour?
Pack my bags...
Do you have ESP?
Glowing Tart Pink
Forget the low...
Yes or Yes
Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow...

Were they dubious? I don't know. What does dubious mean to you? After 2400 posts, I just have a style, I think. Instead of "forget the low," I suppose I *could* have written, "we've got a respite for three months from our cancer scare." Instead of "Ametista," I could have written, um, "Amethyst." Instead of "Yes or Yes," I could have written "No or No." But I do have this question—why not go somewhere else if you don't like my style?

I also have to say—and I'm embarrassed to admit this—I was actually excited to see I had a comment from someone new. Isn't that effing pathetic?


P.S. This fabulous necklace is called The Highly Dubious Relic of Heinrick the Heretic by Splendid Fish.


Cyndle said...

I think people need to keep their grousing sucky opinions to themselves! I always love reading your posts, whatever they're about! Those people need to take their life-sucking elsewhere. That brand of loser sounds akin to the asshole that sent fake checks to the Salvation Army--who has so much time that they go out of their way to be mean and offensive?

Alison, bottom line: you're awesome! Fuck 'em! :)

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks so much, C.! Look, I know you can't really win with everyone. When I was more in-your-face with photos, etc., I got flagged for inappropriate content. When I pulled back, I am dubiously inane.

My goal is to invite readers into my virtual living room—which is sometimes exciting and filled to the brim with revelers, and other times a bit sadder or tamer or—I don't know—realer.

I debated about posting the comments. But I was too tired to talk myself out of it.


Jeremy Edwards said...

I just can't fathom the mindset that says you owe someone something—with that someone as the arbiter of worth—by virtue of operating a blog. You owe us nothing.

And yet you give us so much.

That's a pretty good definition of generosity, isn't it?

Alison Tyler said...

Georgia called me right after I posted this, and I said I was too tired to *not* post it—which luckily made sense to her.

Georgia said, "*I* would have written, 'I'm really disappointed in you for being a bitch." Heh.

And thanks, JE. You always know what to say!


Smut Girl said...

well, my humble question is why does this (obviously slow) reader keep coming back if they are not a fan of your blog?

Your blog is about you. It is not a book, nor should it have a table of contents, it's pretty much whatever is catching your fancy at the moment. That is what makes it fun! And if the reader knew a while ago that s/he did not enjoy the blog...why is s/he here?!

So, I'd respond to said comments: "Yet another frivilous comment"...or 'fuck you'. Which is what I personally would have to say. Right before I hit delete.

If it is so difficult to keep up with...go away.

I'm sorry. Is my Scottish showing?

Jesus.You're awesome, we love you. The ones with sense, anyway.


Evelyn Applegate said...

What the? Who bothers to heckle bloggers? If you don't like someone's blog you don't have to read it!

Jo said...

Ok. I agree with the righteous comments above. And you know I've echoed them before. And you know I'm your faithful supporter and commenter.

I think that some of your pithier or more personal or book related content is going to get lost in among the myriad etsy posts. I don't have a problem with them, but it can be a question of look and shrug, as there's not really a lot to say in response.

Sadly, as is the often the case in reviewing, I think your meanie commenter is expressing disappointment at not finding anything to relate to... I agree they're not looking hard enough, and it's not really about what they want. But bad manners aside, they're clearly missing something they found here before. I don't think anyone has problems with the sad or real. More the frippery?

What has been making me sort of anxious, is how the comments have been drying up. It's been... quiet...

Agh, but I don't know. You're right about the prizes. And the right to post whatever you like, and the not owing anyone anything. No question about that. I suppose there's just been a big shift, and people who came here for a dark little thrill can't ride the changes...

Sophia Valenti said...

Don't let the meanies get you down, Alison. We love you and your blog!

As you'd said above, this space is like your virtual living room, so it is all about you and whatever you feel like discussing. And we visit because we adore your company. It's that simple.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey thanks! I really needed to hear that. Because I was one pinkie push away from making the blog private.

Ta very much!


ShellE said...

My mother always told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!"

Alison, I regret not being able to check your blog on a daily basis. I start to get the jitters wondering what/who you're currently admiring.

Your life's been a rollercoaster ride lately and I feel blessed to be able to participate in some very small way by reading and smiling to myself knowing that you're still sane and that you and Sam are alive and thriving.

Sending you warm wishes and virtual hugs!

Erobintica said...

??? It's your fucking blog! You can and should do whatever the hell you feel like doing with it (though if you made it private folks like some of us newbies would never be newbies - ow! - that thought hurt my head, LOL)

Now I'll go and read the comments here - which I'm sure are all YOU ROCK type of comments.

Alison Tyler said...

ShellE and Erobintica—and everyone, really—thanks so much. I shouldn't even have wasted a second on it. But sometimes I'm really good at second wasting!


Angell said...

Your blog, your choice on content.

Our computers, our choice to visit.

And obviously many of us make the choice to come see what's going on in your world.

I, for one, am very happy to be able to peek into the windows once in awhile and see what's going on in your world. :D

Ignore em.

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks, Angell!

You know, what's also funny is that I tend to feel let down when I visit a blog that's not updated. You go somewhere you like—and it's the same thing you've read for a week. I get excited when the writers I follow put up new posts. Even short ones.

But I've got the attention span of a flea. That's why, I think, I'm so good at editing the short-story collections. The wee little pieces fit perfectly in my head.