February 11, 2010


Why do I now have a warning on my blog? Because apparently I offended a few readers. How did I manage to do that? I don't know. I don't find me offensive at all. But maybe I'm biased. Anyway, I figured better safe than sorry—and slapped the gateway back up.

Here is what one of my cool friends said: "As for the warning, it's not so much for the kids. It really is more for the bitchy adults."



Kat said...

How they love keeping us locked away like dirty little secrets. Never mind, Alison, it's way more fun here on the wrong side of the gate anyway!

Jo said...

yeah, I was reading about this - anyone can click the report content button for any reason... and a compuer monitors it, not a person. So the computer presumably does a search for offensive content. And then if you complain to blogger you get through to one person who still has total power of veto if you appeal.

so the recommendation is to back up your blog, and search for a way to delete the bar with the 'report' button on it...

Erobintica said...