March 04, 2010


I try not to burn them. As I said last week (mid-rant, I believe), I'm a loyal person. And the proof—in my opinion—is in the bridges. Or, at least, in the people who cross over them. This week, I have:

• reconnected with an editor I worked with back in the early 90s,
• been approached by a woman I ghostwrote for several years ago,
• received a pitch by a publisher whose sexy voice used to emanate daily from my answering machine,
• and been introduced to a new collaborator by a journalist I've grown to adore.

I'm not sure which assignments I'm going to be able to accept yet. But I have to confess, in 08/09, I had the continuing sensation of failing people. So this flurry across my bridge has totally made my week. Maybe I should set up a toll booth.


P.S. The write-up for this Burning Bridge postcard made me laugh: This awesome burning-bridges postcard is a perfect way to tell that special someone that your relationship is well and truly over. It's also great for quitting your job or leaving town! Also suitable for framing--remind yourself of that part of your life that you've left behind for good.


Cora Zane said...

Congrats on the prospects. :D BTW, I love that card. I think I'd probably frame it.

Alison Tyler said...

Hi CZ,

I think I would, too. It's one of those cool sentiments that would never get old.