March 08, 2010

Stop and smell the typos!

One time, years and years ago, I wrote a letter to a guy I liked. I ended the letter like this:

All be seeing you soon.

No, really. All. All be seeing you.


I mention this because I've been proofing this morning, and some of my typos—or rather, correctly spelled but totally wrong words—are rather humorous. I know I'm not the only one who does this. My father—who is the fastest typist I know and possibly on the planet—regularly writes the wrong words. And then he rights them. Heh. He'll type "chair" instead of "choose" — his brain moving faster than his fingers.

Just so y'all know—I don't mind when readers point errors out to me. If you catch me in a blunder (I just typed blender), I will humbly right the wrongs, as well as the lefts.


P.S. Perfect Pendant!


Madeline Elayne said...

Harumph! I resent your statement that lefts should be righted! One could even infer that you meant them to be interpreted as gauche or *gasp* even sinister!

Alison Tyler said...

Hee! You'll like this then... I know I've said it before, but I like repeating myself in my old age. Last time I had my oil changed, the hot grease-adorned hunk (or was he a dirty, pot-bellied little troll?) told me to flash my lefthand signal. When I hit the right accidentally, he said in that world-weary way of greasers everywhere:

"No. Your *other* left."


Madeline Elayne said...

hee hee!

Bah, you're only as old as the characters in your porn feel, I always say!

Jo said...

Yikes! Step out of the blender!

I do the wrong word thing a lot, but I also have a horrible habit of saying/writing exactly the opposite of what I mean. That one worries me.

Emerald said...

I reread a story dozens of times recently as I was editing/proofing it that said the character "closed my fork over my lips." I read this so many times until one of the final proofreads when I went, "Closed my fork over my lips??!" At least I noticed it and switched the words to "closed my lips over my fork" before submitting.


Isabel Kerr said...

If your father is the fastest typist on the planet, and then thinks even faster than he types, what's that make him? Out of this world. What a guy, and you're a chip off the old block.


Alison Tyler said...

I used to break typewriters when I was a kid in my attempts to emulate his speed. I would jam my fingers at the keys, because that's what it looked like to me: That he simply slammed his fingers repeatedly at the keyboard and words came out!