April 24, 2010

From the Editrix

I have a funny editing story I remembered while I was in the shower. (Because I always think of things I want to write down when I'm wet in one way or another.) The first or second collection I did was called Batteries Not Included, a gorgeous slew of lesbian smut. This was back in the Ice Age of the 90s, and not everyone had email. (Have I told you that my first novel was actually re-keyed in? I sent it on disc and the publisher hired someone to re-type the pages? Bizarre.) Anyway, practically all submissions went through snail mail — and sometimes the best way to contact a writer was via phone.

So I wanted to publish a story, but the writer had:

1) written all in lowercase,
2) used no punctuation, and
3) changed any instance of he to she, man to person, and him or his to her or hers.

Fine, you're thinking. What's wrong with making all the "hes" into "shes"? This is a book of girl-girl porn, right?

Well, try spelling "the."

When I called to talk to the writer and ask if I could:

a) use upper- and lowercase correctly,
b) punctuate, and
c) turn the non-words back into real words (you know — huperson into human and herstory into history), the writer freaked out. That's the technical description. She would not—let me repeat—NOT use "the man's" English.

No, really.

I have no idea why this story popped up today for me. Just did. And I thought I'd share.

Can you top that?


P.S. ETSY had nothing for "editrix" in their listings, so I went with this gorgeous reclaimed stiletto!

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Jo said...


See. I just think that sort of thing does nobody any favours at all.

I wonder how she feels about it now?