April 29, 2010

I'd Let Johnny Fever Spank Me

I got caught up in retro land again. I found WKRP online and watched several episodes. Don't tease me — the theme song made me cry!

My favorite so far is this one. But it's close with the Scum of the Earth episode featuring Michael Des Barres. No, really.

Oh, and I'd let Johnny Fever spank me. You bet. In a heartbeat.


P.S. What fictional character would you let spank you?!


Angell said...

Oh God Alison - you just opened up a whole can of whoop-ass, so to speak.

A few of us got drunk a couple of weeks ago, and started listing all the tv shows we could think of, and i was putting them into a list on my iPhone. Well, when I read that question, I started reading my list....

and started a new one.

But if we're going to go retro - there are only a few:

The Professor (Gilligan's Island) - under all that intelligence and detachement, you KNOW he had some kinky shit going on with Ginger and Mary Ann.

Face (A-Team) - sigh. Nuff said.

Harry Stone (Night Court) - we know he wore boxers under those robes, but what ELSE did he use his gavel for?

The "Swamp" Gang (M*A*S*H) - Trapper, BJ and Hawkeye - a trifecta of guys willing to play doctor anytime, anywhere

Danny Amatullo (FAME) - I just always thought he was yummy

Doug Penhall (21 Jump Street) - always thought he was hotter than Hanson - something about those big eyes and that dopey grin.

Potsie (Happy Days) - he might not have been the sharpest one, but boy did I dream about the many ways to corrupt that innocence.

Great - now I have THAT to think about all day.

Well, there could be worse things.

Jo said...

Angellllllll... sigh*

Smut Girl said...

oh my god. one of my favorite shows ever. ever. i would let him spank me, too. and my favorite by far was the flying turkey one for Thanksgiving. heh.

p.s. hmm. beyond Johnny. I'd have to go with...Gil Grissom

kittenwithawhip said...

Leroy Jethro Gibbs!... in a heartbeat ;)

onlyhalfalifeaway said...

Casey, Law and Order:SUV's second ADA! (ima guy here)

Alison Tyler said...

Hey there,

I've found Casey. Are you doing the spanking? Or being spanked?


onlyhalfalifeaway.wordpress.com said...

with Casey, I'd would even swap out...MMMmmm Whether in the earlier episodes in her redhair or even when she went blonde..MMMmmm