April 21, 2010

You say "hardcore sado-masochism"
like it’s a bad thing.

Okay, call me jaded ("you're jaded!"), because I consider Afternoon Delight to be one of my milder collections. I mean, I fully agree with this review from Good Reads: This was a fairly fun and exciting collection of vanilla stories for the heterosexual couple. I especially liked the story by Alison Tyler, the editor.

So this recent one-star on Amazon left me baffled:

I expected this to be general, romantically erotic literature. Instead, it is full of hard core sado-masochism, bondage, and other extreme sexual practices as well as some over-the-top language. It's okay if that's what you want, if you and your partner are turned on by this kind of thing. Otherwise I believe that you (and most couples) will more likely find this book objectionable than erotic. Mine's going on eBay - cheap!

Well, damn. If Afternoon Delight is hardcore S&M, I wonder what the poor soul with think about Best Bondage Erotica!



Sophia Valenti said...

Oh, my goodness. That review made me laugh out loud. I guess you can call me jaded, too. I thought Afternoon Delight was sweet.

Alison Tyler said...

I know. I know. It was actually good to crack a smile at a one-star.


Jo said...

It's the 'most couples' I thought was best. Uhuh.

Aurora Hunter said...

Or what she would have thought of Hurts So Good... I've put in my two cents officially, you'll see a new review for Afternoon Delight once it clears ze censors at Amazon.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, you're awesome, AH! I am going to link to your review right now! Thank you, thank you!


TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I suppose there have to be people in the world who are blander flavors than a nice, rich vanilla (cottage cheese, perhaps?)

I pity them.

Jo said...

Hahahahahahahahah, cottage cheese. That's hilarious.