May 24, 2010

The Prince & Sting

Okay, I have to share this because I just cracked myself all kinds of up. I hardly ever click on the headlines that flicker by when you check your email. But I saw something the other day about Fergie and Sting. And I thought that they must be doing some sort of concert together. And then today I saw that Prince was weighing in about the Fergie/Sting situation. I mentioned something about this in passing to my mother, who almost fell off her chair laughing. No, Fergie, Sting, and Prince are not getting together for some humanitarian aid concert. Fergie was caught in a sting that had something to do with her former husband, the prince. Someone better call the police!




Jo said...

Heh, call the police. That's cute. It all makes more sense on this side of the world, I'll admit :)

Erobintica said...

okay, when did you rearrange the furniture on your blog? or have I been so out of it I didn't notice until now?????

Alison Tyler said...

I like my view better, Jo. And E, yup. I've wanted to have a 3-column blog since I was on Lust Bites. Thanks ever so to Portia DaCosta and Sophia Valenti for helping me in my fumbling behind the scenes!