September 22, 2010

Bull in a China Dream

I had one of those truly dirty dreams that feels real while you're sleeping and surreal when you wake up. I was a guy. (Why have I been a guy so often lately? No fucking clue.) But I was a guy and I was about to be punished by Darwin's wife. Who is Darwin? No fucking clue. So I was a guy who was about to be given an enema and a caning by Darwin's wife, in Darwin's bedroom, and all I could do was walk around the room—waiting for my punishment—and admire all the little Knickknacks and chachkis on Darwin's wife's dressing table.

Holy fuck, right?

She had things like Little Bo Peep and fancy dancing girls and tiny tea cups made in porcelain, positioned becomingly on her table near a silver-backed hair brush. I walked around, cold hard fear sweeping through me at what was about to happen. I didn't dare move any of the trinkets on her table, but I admired each one as my knees grew weaker.

And my cock grew harder.

I knew what was going to happen. She was going to walk through that door, sit on the edge of the dark olive bedspread, put me over her lap and spank me with the hair brush. That was first. Next she was going to take me to the bathroom—I could see the pepto-pink tiled walls through the crack in the door—and give me an enema. That was second. Finally, she was going to bend me over and cane me until I cried.

And *that* was when I woke up.

So now I have to shake off the dream and figure out what I'm supposed to be doing today. Staying out of china shops. That's for sure!



Jo said...

Did you take an extra kinky pill last night?

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, was that what that was?