September 20, 2010


Years and years (and even more years) ago, I had a dream about the perfect novel. I woke up with the whole, entire plot mapped out—characters, dialogue, the whole she-bang. I wrote one word down on a notepad, knowing in my heart of dirty little hearts that this single word would tell me everything I needed to know in the morning to pen my best-seller.

Dawn broke.

Excitedly, I rubbed my eyes and looked at the notepad to see:


The word meant nothing to me. I have never remembered what the novel was supposed to be about, who the characters were, what their fascinating adventures might have been. That is why this weekend, when we went garage sale shopping and I spied this album in a box, I had to plunk down the $1.00 for the pristine vinyl.


P.S. To redeem myself in your eyes, I also scored The Chambers Brothers' The Time Has Come as well as Elton John's Caribou.


Jo said...

I LOVE Harry Belafonte. Childhood favourite.

Alison Tyler said...

Do you know there's a tune on the album called "The Jack-Ass Song"?

Maybe that should be one of our future titles... You know, Kiss My Ass, Bad Ass, Jack-Ass.



Danielle said...

ha..not only jo but also my great aunt loved her some h belafonte...if would have gotten 50 cent for each time she said: oh that belafonte´s harry is a fine fine man! i would have been rich :)