October 06, 2010

totally altered my perception of written porn

Got a Minute just received a gorgeous review from Katie Liederman of Velvet Park: Dyke Culture in Bloom:

Got a Minute? Sixty Second Erotica, edited by Alison Tyler, totally altered my perception of written porn, and what it can achieve. For starters, unless I'm actually having sex, I like to fuck myself efficiently. Got a Minute? features pieces with no build-up and no weak plots or bad dialogue--it's the literary equivalent of an extreme close-up...

Read the whole review here, and go pat Jeremy Edwards on the back, because he is the author of Every Night, one of the stories featured in the review. The other is Research by Kate Vassar.

Reviews like this are so extremely validating—because 60-story collections are like those 500-piece jigsaw puzzles. They take forever to put together—and then you want to go around bragging to everyone what you accomplished. Of course, I've never actually mastered one of those puzzles. I'm only using that as a nifty little analogy—I could have just as easily said it was like putting together a carburetor. Whatever that is. But I *have* compiled Girls on the Go, Bondage on a Budget, Down & Dirty, Frenzy, and Got a Minute—all 60 (or 69)- story collections.

See what I mean? I just want to go around telling everyone! Heh.
Now, where's that fucking carburetor?


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Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations, AT—and thank you!

‘It’s very nice of you to pat me on the back,’ he said. Normandie responded by swatting him pleasantly on the ass. ‘Or in the general vicinity of the back.’