January 02, 2011

Scruffy Jottings About Filth

A while ago, I started up one of my (many many many) blogs. This one is called Scruffy Jottings About Filth. I tossed out the challenge to writers to send me actual notes from projects they were currently working on or had already completed. Why? Because I like to see the scenes behind the scenes. That's how I'm wired. Sure, I'm interested in the final. But I love peeking at the drafts.

As you can see, a slew of writers rose to my challenge. I wanted to let you all know that I'd love to continue to update this blog. Even if you've been "scruffy" before, you can send me new notes. Or if you're brand-spanking new, that's fine, too. Drop me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.

What do I crave? Pictures of your notes, an excerpt from the final, and a link to the book or site where the piece is published (but being published is *not* a requirement—works in progress are fine, too).

Let's see how many authors we can peer inside of this year!


P.S. Yes, those are *my* notes up there. For Rumours. I know. I'm clearly nuts. One thing you can tell is that I was getting brutally close to the 85K max word count. I'm obviously worried about every single word!


Jo said...

Aw, so glad you're going back to this one!

Your capitals look really like my mother's :)

Danielle said...

ah..A.T. that makes me so happy..that the notes are back to life:-))
will the beds come back too??

Jo said...

PS, I love how I can see Drop tomato? with Anal Sex? underneath! :D

Erobintica said...

Gee, I'd forgotten all about this. Was fun to peruse everyone's scribblings. Hope more folks send some in.

(and yeah, I've been scarce lately)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Wah! I want to send something in, but I almost never write by hand anymore - I'm all typity typity.

I love looking at these, though...