April 15, 2011

Come Together... Right Now

... to raise money to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. How can you help? Buy the uber-sexy Coming Together with Sommer!

Here's a quick excerpt to get you in the mood:

He straddled me and stripped the tee shirt from my skin. the frigid air rushed over my breasts and the skin rose up in chill bumps. he swirled his hot tongue over my nipple. A soft cry escaped me.

Button-fly jeans—gone. Button-done shirt—gone.

The first stroke was surprising, and I yelped. I took the full length of him in one slick motion. My cunt, already hungry, became ravenous as it pulled and tightened. I quivered around him as he drove into me. I could hear his breathing, a barely controlled rasp."

My skin seemed on fire. Euphoria fluttered my stomach as if I were riding a roller coaster. I heard whispered comments from the ghosts but ignored them.

"Deeper," I managed. "I want you deeper."

Trip pulled out, and I whimpered. He hooked one hand under me and flipped me onto my stomach. His fingers raked down my back, explored the puckered entrance of my ass. Urgent sounds flooded past my lips.

"Up on your knees," he growled. "Hurry."

I obeyed, not caring that we could be discovered by the others. The ones who were alive...


Go on. Spend the $2.49. Read Sommer's foreword here, and buy the book!


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