April 06, 2011

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth, a stand-alone story by Sophia Valenti, is available for .99 cents on Amazon:

This tale of lesbian lust contains an explicit girl/girl encounter, including oral sex, anal penetration—and a creative use of buttercream frosting. Sweet Tooth is 3,000 words long and was previously published in Best Lesbian Erotica 2010. This story is for adults only!

Come on... what can you buy for .99 cents? Well, you *could* buy 99 Luft Balloons. Or a little owl.

But I recommend Sweet Tooth! It's cupcake themed and calorie-free!



sugartits said...

Sex AND cupcakes?! I'm all over it!

Alison Tyler said...

I thought you'd like that!


Sophia Valenti said...

Thanks so much, AT! That's super sweet of you.