April 28, 2011

To Dye For

I have (as I've said on multiple occasions) silver-streaked hair. Silver like you didn't win the gold. Not a few strands. Full-on skunk streaks. Yesterday, I wore a zebra dress, newsprint leggings (thank you, Sommer), and zebra clogs. As I was walking across the street, a man yelled out, "Don't dye your hair!"

Somewhat gobsmacked, I said, "I don't!"

"I know. Just don't. Don't ever dye your hair! It looks fabulous."

So I wanted to say thank you. Because women my age are told all the time (through media bombardment) that they should dye their hair. Nothing wrong with the faux look. I dyed mine for years because I craved the shade of glossy black a smidge darker than my actual color. But fuck — you can feel like odd man out when you are the only girl at the party with silver on the roof.

A stranger calling out a compliment put a lilt in my stride all afternoon.


P.S. In my book, "silver" + "sexy" = this necklace by Metal Taboo!


Erobintica said...

When my middle daughter (the one in Japan right now) said she loved my silver streaks, that made me so happy. I don't know, I think I see it as my badge for making it this far!

Jo said...

Nice! That's the way it should be.

sugartits said...

That outfit was hot and so is your sexy hair! xoxoxo