June 17, 2011

Cross My Palm With a Bic Pen

When I typed in "palm" on ETSY, I found many palm tree pendants and spiritual hand charms, but this one fucking cracked me up! Zombie hands! Who knew? I wish I could buy a set for Sommer "We Kill Dead Things" Marsden and Cora "All Sparkly and Zombie Green" Zane.

Why was I searching for palms? Simple. Yesterday I ran into a friend who wanted to make a java date. When we chose a time/place, she carefully entered the pertinent info into her Blackberry while I wrote the impertinent info on my hand. Because I'm all high-tech like that.

Ha. While I was just trying to figure out if there's supposed to be a comma after "Yesterday," I hit the following: "Yesterday I cried!" "Yesterday I saw the Sun." "Yesterday I Will." "Yesterday I Had Roadkill." Sometimes, I love the internet.


P.S. Two Cent Perfume review shortly. I have been getting raves from everyone on my brand-new scent!

1 comment:

Cora Zane said...

Ha! Those are awesome! Would go good with my Save the Zombie's T shirt. Okay, it's actually my Oldest's T shirt but I occassionally steal it. I mean borrow it! I borrow it from his closet. ^_^

Save the Zombies

I'll be looking for your perfume review. I'm still looking for a replacement for Jovan Fire.