July 02, 2011

Because I'm worth it...

There have been a few times when I have skimped and saved and suffered in order to splurge on something special. Come on, I'm worth a few hundred for bracelets from Prada, right? I'm kidding. This is not one of those times.

These jangly bangles (say that six times fast) go for $125 each—not $1.25. One Hundred Twenty-Five. (No, really.) But I bought mine at the thrift store for .50 cents a piece. I was beside myself when I saw the Prada ad featuring bangles so insanely similar. The only difference I can see is that the real ones say "PRADA" on them in tiny letters. And who cares about that? Three-inch high fashionistas?

I actually took the page of the magazine and the bracelets back to the thrift store to show the similarity to one of my friends who works there. She was gobsmacked.

So yeah, I'm worth two bucks. Any day of the week.



Cora Zane said...

Pretty bangles! The green one makes the batch, IMO. And yes, ridiculous to pay $125 when you can get them at the thrift store.

Back in the 80s, I had one bangle I wore to school all the time. It was pearlized white with tones of pink and blue in it when you turned it in the light - kind of like a bubble. It matched pair of jelly shoes I owned. Heh heh, mad style, right?

Anyway, I wore that bangle for several years until the pearl finish began to rub away from the plastic - probably lead paint, LOL! Ah, those were the days! ^_^

Alison Tyler said...

I love your "mad style," CZ! Back in the 80s, when I worked at a beauty supply store, we sold plastic bangles filled with liquid. I wore mine 'til they popped!