July 08, 2011

Dressing like a power lesbian...

...got me laid three times in 16 hours. (Once, in the closet.) Now, maybe I have put my own twist on the term "power lesbian." I was wearing trousers—gorgeous black trousers. A striped silk shirt with French cuffs (gotta love the thrift store). And a well-fitting blazer. Hair slicked back in a ponytail. No muss... but plenty of fuss. I don't know if it was the fact that I *said* I was dressing as a PL, or whether he simply has a hard-on (heh) for a girl in a suit.

What I truly think is that change does anyone good. If your standard attire is a snarky t-shirt and skinny jeans, and you show up in the boudoir after a costume change (say, a soft cashmere twinset, micro mini, cobalt wig) — your partner is bound to sit up and take notice.

If not roll over and beg.


P.S. I am fucking buying these right now. So don't you dare!

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