August 19, 2011

Deposit the Spark Into Any Intimate Link...

Yes, it's very important for your new $5.00 thrift-store silk Banana Republic skirt to match the gorgeous flowers in your back yard. That is a fashion rule I just made up. I adore this Fruit-Striped skirt, and love the way the colors compliment not only the flowers but my kick-ass Harley Davidson engineer boots.

It's also the perfect outfit to deposit the spark into any intimate link.

Excuse me?

Continuing from yesterday's game of fun with wrong words, I have another twisted write-up of an anthology to share—Afternoon Delight:

Alison Tyler’s latest collection οf erotica іѕ guaranteed tο deposit thе spark back іntο аnу intimate link. Shе’s gathered couples’ mοѕt well Ɩονеԁ fantasies аnԁ bеnt a searing, nο-holds-barred series οf candid tаƖеѕ іn whісh twosomes transform thеіr deepest wishes іntο flesh-οn-flesh reality. Thеѕе powerfully οn paper tаƖеѕ meld thе grave аnԁ thе sweet tο teach a full 24 hours οf sex, frοm early daylight wake-up calls through median-afternoon quickies tο late night romps. In “Black Set alight..."

Here is the true write-up...

Alison Tyler’s latest collection of erotica is sure to put the spark back into any intimate relationship. She’s gathered couples’ most popular fantasies and created a sizzling, no-holds-barred series of explicit stories in which twosomes transform their deepest desires into flesh-on-flesh reality. These powerfully written stories meld the nasty and the sweet to fill a full 24 hours of sex, from early morning wake-up calls through mid-afternoon quickies to late night romps. In "Black Light," a hidden webcam turns an intimate encounter into a thrillingly public viewing...

I'm a bit baffled by "the grave and the sweet" from "the nasty and the sweet." But I fucking adore "median-afternoon quickies."


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