November 23, 2011

Silver Fox

I've been letting my hair go silver for six or seven years now. The beginning was a bitch. The color just looked messy to me. As if I forgot to paint my hair each morning. Now, at least once a week, someone stops to talk to me about my choice not to dye.

Last Wednesday, I was in the ladies room at El Coyote restaurant, and a woman at the sink said, "That's natural, isn't it?" I nodded. "I can't tell you how fabulous your hair looks," she continued. "I wish my hair would look like that if I stopped coloring it. What's your secret?"

Honestly, I have no secret. I stopped paying $100 a month to color my hair or $10 a month to color my hair, bathroom, and towels. After dying my hair since I was 19 (because I craved that Veronica/Bettie Page/Joan Jett look of hair so black the color shined blue in the right light), I gave up the ghost, and went ghostly gray.

The coolest thing? Right whenever I am on the cusp of dying afresh, someone will stop me and say, "Don't ever dye your hair." Not that I do things because strangers on the street offer unexpected compliments, but every so often I start to waver.

What I miss about coloring my hair? The smell. (Sue me. I'm weird. I worked for years in beauty salons and stores, and I love that chemical scent.) The feel. There is nothing softer than recently dyed hair. That glossy, gorgeous texture. Oh, I loved it. The bad-ass sensation of having fuck-you black hair. My natural color is espresso brown. I always wanted to nudge the dial to 11.

When I gave up the coloring bottle, I did so as an experiment. If I absolutely hated being gray, I'd slide back into the sweet salon seat. As it stands, I'm simply waiting to see. If I go all white, I plan to dye my hair cobalt. Just once. Right now, if you see a silver fox on the street—or in the ladies room at El Coyote—give a wave. She might be me!


P.S. I know I've written about this before—but as the topic comes up in my life so often, I don't feel as if it's over-kill. Or even over-dye.


Miz Angell said...

If you can rock it - why not? My favourite theatre actress has been silver since she was 32 (I seem to recall her telling me over drinks one night).

I don't quite think it would work on me, but hey - y'never know....

riendo said...

i got the itch to dye my hair a couple of months ago. i wanted to try something funky and different since i was never able to when i was younger. i did a red straight red first to see how the bright color would look on me, then i did a fushia just because the bottle said purple but in reality it looked fushia and now just as of tuesday i did a plum. they are all semi permanent so i'm not going crazy i just have to retouch every so often. so far i have no complains and people seem to like it. oh and i also have short hair now.every so often i do miss my long dark hair. good thing it never stops growing even after i do. the irony.