June 03, 2012

V is for Vindictive... I mean, Vindicated

I am fully aware that as an author you're not supposed to tackle negative reviews. I learned my lesson years ago when my snark created an unexpected internet smackdown. You always wind up looking pissy. Or pissed off. Not everyone is going to like what you do. Popularity is overrated, and blah blah fucking blah. But I ranted yesterday, and then was rewarded out of the blue with a 5-star review of Cuffing Kate, along with a comment to the reviewer who had harshed my mellow in the first place.

Here's the review:

I love Alison Tyler's work. Whenever I walk away from one of her books or short stories, I always feel...satisfied. "Cuffing Kate" is no different.

Let's cut to the chase, people. Since it's a short story, I'll try to limit myself to a short review.

The book is hot. Tyler knows how to write erotica, but she doesn't write erotica just for the sake of writing erotica. She could easily begin her stories with her characters already together, mere seconds away from...engaging. However, it's obvious that she cares about her characters, and she wants us to, too. For this reason, she takes her time developing her characters so that we get to know them. She also takes her time getting her characters together, building up the reader's expectations most exquisitely. And when the payoff finally occurs? Definitely worth the wait!

And the comment, which I love even more (if that's possible):

You need to be a little more careful when making Kindle purchases? Yes. You do.

1. The price alone should have been a tip-off that either you were getting an unknown author, or it was a short story. Since Alison Tyler is anything but unknown, the latter should have been obvious.

2. There are two words on the cover, which I believe are key: Spice Briefs. These words do not describe Kate's choice of underwear - they describe the book's length.

3. If you look at the Product Details section further down the page, it reads very plainly, "Print Length: 28 pages."

I wonder if you read "Cuffing Kate" as attentively (rather, inattentively) as you did the Product Page and the book's cover? The reason I wonder this is because you mention nothing about the STORY in your review.

Just so we (and future readers of this review) are clear, you gave the book 2 stars not because of the writing, not because of the story itself, but because of the story's LENGTH. *shaking my head*

And now I will go forth and enjoy the gorgeous (well, gray) day with my head held high and my faith in humanity restored.


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kiki bouche said...

i *love* the rebuttal. some people are assholes and clearly, that one did not pay attention. yea for the fabulous people out there!