July 31, 2012

Choose Me

As you can imagine, I fucking love Choose Me. From the opening scene, in which Lesley Ann Warren dances down a neon-lit street to Teddy Pendergrass's voice, I am transported. And I have been since I first saw the flick.

One review I uncovered states: "The key is in the opening credits sequence, which is a production number without (much) singing or (much) dancing. If you are not immediately seduced by one of the most playfully sensual two minutes ever filmed, then you might want to skip the rest. But if, after that midnight stroll down a city street that crackles with possibilities, you can't wait to get inside the bar in the middle of the block, then settle in and prepare to recognize yourself."

My favorite quote from the movie: "Sex? Are you kidding? I wrote the book on sex. I'm a prisoner of it. Hell, I'm a victim of it. I know all about that feeling you get in your belly when a man says he wants you, and if I know he's lying, I still get that feeling. I'm conditioned now."

But I hadn't re-watched the film for awhile. When I did, I laughed to myself. Because Cuffing Kate received a scathing review about how creepy the roommate character was—and I must have been at least subconsciously influenced by the Geneviève Bujold character in Choose Me.

She's so taken with Keith Carradine that she suggest to Lesley Ann Warren that they "share" him.

Speaking of subconscious—I chose to view Choose Me right before guesting on Brooke Haven's Playboy Radio Show. Maybe I was trying to get into the headspace of radio, as Bujold's character is a sex-talking radio deejay. Who knows? I was a wild case of nerves all day yesterday. (I'm sure if you'd have plugged me in to an outlet, I would have lit a city.) But the interview went swimmingly—smashingly—champagne-bubbly good.

Hopefully, she'll have me again sometime.


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