August 09, 2012

"Wonderfully Random"

Oh, yes. That describes me to a tee. This Tweet made me so fucking happy. I'm feeling at loose ends right now because I'm revising, editing, revisiting, and revamping. And you know, you need special boots for that last one. (Holy fuck, are those hot, or what?)

I've been breaking a 500,000 word story into pieces. Shall we say that together? Half a million words. I'm not sure how I managed to write that many all in consecutive order, but I did. The pieces need sanding, of course, because they're a bit rough around the edges. But some make me want to sit down for awhile and try to remember which way is up, like my opening to what I believe will be Book 5. No, really. Book 5:

Panties around my ankles.

Isn’t that the way I should always be?

The perfect image of me, bent over a strong man’s sturdy lap, with my knickers down. Not off, mind you, but down. Off is different. Naked is different. My favorite way to be punished—and that is such an odd sort of sentence to write—is half-dressed. Stripped naked is too exposed, even for someone like me. Even for someone with a book out called Exposed.

No, what I want is to be clad in my costume, school girl skirt pushed up and out of the way, tee-shirt still clinging tight to my skin, garters askew, shoes on, and panties—those seriously sexy ruby-red panties, pulled down to my ankles.

Or, possibly, as the spanking starts, as I begin to squirm from the pain, possibly those panties become kicked off one leg, to remain dangling from a solitary ankle.

That’s fine, too.

Jack understood my desires. He slid those panties down, but left them on. He stroked his hand over my bare ass, using an entirely different touch than he had when he was teasing me. This was divine, the firm weight of his hand lingering before striking.

The giggles had vanished now. The need to laugh had totally disappeared.

But that didn’t mean Jack would be rushed. No, he took his time, landing one firm blow on my right cheek, then a matching one on my left. And as much as I adore being disciplined, as much as I compulsively crave climbing over the lap of a lover, that fear swam over me.

The fear of the unknown.

What else? I had other random tidbits to spill. Oh, yes. I should have author copies and payment for 69 shortly! Harlequin promises.


5 comments: said...

I have a theory that the best writers are the ones who, deep down, have the mentality of a golden retriever playing in the yard.

"Writing ... editing ... laundry in there somewhere ... need 6000 more words to make count ... that lady at the bank had mismatched eyebrows ... did I spell titillation right? Spell check says I did but it doesn't look right ... the man next door really ought to put a shirt on, I can't concentrate with his man boobs staring at me ..." and so on.

I can't even contemplate having to undertake a project as big as 500K without going fill-tilt batshit. I can see how the boots would help.

Unknown said...

I actually remember some of those sentences! I'm floored by that because I have a shitty memory . . .

Also, Book 5!!?!?!?! FUCK yeah!



Miz Angell said...

Book 5? Damn. I remember reading - with baited breath - every word.

Those boots are to die for. Debating selling a kidney to get the money to order them.

A.M. - perfect description. I think that was me yesterday.

And then I woke up this morning to no clean underwear and remembered that the laundry didn't get done.

Jo said...

I think your story, and your posting of it at the time that you did, was really important, somehow. To me anyway, but it felt zeitgeisty at the time. I love that there's all these people out there who watched with bated breath for your posts too - it was the start of blogging for me, lots of new discoveries of people, and writing, and all sorts. So I feel nostalgic about the story, not to mention eager to hear the ending!

Unknown said...

I agree with Jo, I feel all nostalgic about it, too. Hell, I feel nostalgic seeing Jo's name & her icon! Back then, I was just reading erotica for the first time, had no idea what I liked, and wasn't even sure I liked every sexual thing in the story, but I was so enthralled that I couldn't wait for her to post the next segment.

I even remember one guy commenting that it's frustrating you can't google what happens next & that's exactly how I felt.

I can't wait to re-read as an older, wiser me. And as much as I am dying to know the ending, I love knowing it'll be a while before I know.