September 26, 2012

Dropping the F-Bomb

Oh, holy fuck, I want the F-Bomb Lipstick. And I want Cruella and Dragon Girl by NARS. (And And all sorts of other scarlet, cardinal, vampy lipsticks.)

Why am I seeing red? Because I was having a conversation with Carbon Crusader, who red (ha ha) my bio on Amazon and asked me if I'd tried Cruella, and now I am jonesing. Big time.

What else am I doing? Putting together my effing guide. What do I need now? Fellatio and Cunnilingus. And really, everything else I've asked for, as well. Need a cheat sheet?

I'm looking for: oral, anal, spanking, bondage, cross-dressing, blindfolds, menages, swaps, pony play, roleplaying, pegging, femme domme, and simply clippings of kink.

100-250 words. Let me know where the piece was originally pubbed (but unpubbed bits are fine, too). Include a bio, and if you feel like it, give a little bit of detail about the snippet. You know, like, "This piece was based on a rumor my man and I overheard at a cocktail party. I couldn't shake the image from my mind..." Or tell me why the kink is your cup of tea. "I always write about handcuffs because I'm obsessed. My wrists are so super sensitive, I can almost get off when a partner simply holds my hands over my head."

I may quote both you and your teaser in the guide.

When? By Friday night. At the latest. (What day is it today?)
Where? msalisontyler at yahoo dot com
I'll be tied to my desk until this book is done!

UPDATED REQUEST: I need fetish snippets. Any fetish. Your fetish. My fetish. Feet, toes, stockings, silk, smoking, leather, latex, vinyl. Pick a fetish. Any fetish. And slide it into my in box (msalisontyler at yahoo dot com) by Saturday night or Sunday morning. I'll be ever in your debt!


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