October 01, 2012

Get Tied Up!

Tied Up and Twisted is out today!

This 32-page novella was a long time coming. I pitched the novella two years ago, turned in the manuscript one year ago, and voila! My original subhead was: An S&M love story.

Yes, it's fucking dirty—but there's a happily ever after, too.

“How long have you been at the gym?”

“Seventeen years.”

“That’s a long time.”

“Depends on how long you’ve got,” he says matter-of-factly.

“How long have you got?” she asks, and she wishes he could see inside her mind. Every time she looks at him, she visualizes what he’d be like in bed. If they were at a bar, she’d slide her leg against his under the table, and let him wonder whether the brush of her skin to his was accidental or on purpose. Right when he decided the move was accidental, she’d do it again. If they were at her favorite club in the city, she’d set up a scenario that would make his cock hard in a second.

She hasn’t had a man in seven months.

That’s the longest she’s ever gone without.

She has no idea that Frost has been solo for seven years.

In another circumstance, Hadley would come clean with him. She’d lean in close and whisper that she doesn’t believe in love at first sight or instant karma or screwing on a first date. But if he would come to her apartment tonight, she’d let him tie her to her four-poster bed and whip her.

In her scenario, there are too many ifs.

The kinky Kindle is $2.99 on Amazon. If you buy a copy, please please let me know what you think!


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