October 06, 2012

"Loved it.
But I don't have to tell you that, do I?"

This is the type of review that can erase (ha, ha, subtle pencil humor) a really bad mood. Or week. I am always on edge about the novellas, especially since I seem to receive a lot of "this isn't a book-length book" or "it's a short story" type of reviews. Of which I have to agree. These aren't book-length books. They're novellas.

The last two I wrote actually felt as if (given the chance and a little motivation) they could have been novels—"Giving In" (originally titled "Two Weeks in Venice") lingered in my mind. I wished I had the time to open every door in that villa and explore. "Tied Up and Twisted" was the same. I wanted to move in with the characters and watch while they got to know each other better.

My first reviewer, Ennui Prayer, wrote his review as a letter to me:

The book is swelling (is that a good word?) with emotion (you'll have to read it to see what sort of emotion I'm talking about here). Hadley is someone to fall in love with immediately. A former domme turned sub who still carries a few traits of her old life seeks out an older gentlemen (used loosely), while her former sub still pines after her. Everything is wrapped neatly, but I don't expect anything less from you.

The whole review is here.

(This part made me laugh: There's no need to rehash the book – you wrote it; it's not as if I'm writing a review in the form of a letter to you. Oh wait. Never mind.)

Thank you, EP. I absolutely needed that.


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Glad I can lift your spirits.