October 08, 2012

Where the boys are...

Sommer Marsden's new title, Boys Next Door has hit the ground running with two five-star reviews:

I loved Boys Next Door. Farrell is smart, goofy, indecisive, and lovable. Each of the three men is to die for in their own way. Together, Farrell and the men have a blazing hot story of self-discovery, not just for Farrell, but everyone involved.

BookingIt Grade: A


As with every Sommer Marsden book, there is self-discovery, there is a ton of emotion, and as always - incredibly hot, kinky, mind blowing sex.

You all know how I feel about Sommer. Since 2007, she's been in every collection I've put together. Her writing woos me, moves me, devours my waking hours. If her characters are in a tough spot, I worry about them. When they work out their issues, I'm relieved. They live and breathe off the page and in my mind.

Go on. Check out Boys Next Door for yourself!


P.S. The Carbon Crusader strikes again!

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Sommer Marsden said...

Aw, thank you thank you. Every time I get a nice email about this book, and I've already gotten a few, I feel all warm and fuzzy. This blog took warm and fuzzy to a whole new level.