November 20, 2012

Get Bitten!

Cora Zane takes over the Morning, Noon, and Night tour by whisking us off to New Orleans. Please visit her blog for a bit of behind-the-scenes information about her sultry story "4 p.m. No Show." If you take the time to comment during this tour, your name will be entered into a drawing to win 25 copies of books edited by me courtesy of Cleis Press!

In the world of BINGO, yesterday was the first day you *could* have had a bingo, and many readers did! I'm so thrilled to be packaging up the first goodies to send out. For today's BINGO cover, I'm featuring Susie Bright's Bitten, which is a gorgeous book inside and out, and features writers I adore including Shanna Germain, Donna George Storey, and Cate Robertson.

Reviewers have stellar words for the work:

This book is gorgeous. If you were browsing in a bookstore instead of online, you wouldn't be able to leave it behind. The silver-black edges and textured snake cover beg to be stroked, flicked, and taken, and the words inside live up to the promise of the beautiful exterior: gothic, mystical, sexy, exotic, and taboo. "Bitten" belongs at the bedside of everyone who reads--or wants to read, or wants their lover to read to them--dark, erotic fiction.

God, I love wandering through bookstores. Picking up new titles based on the covers and the texture, the scent of the pages. (This is probably why I adore Lana Fox's Always Break the Spines.)

I know I spotlighted this necklace before, but I worship the way the colors and texture look in comparison with the book. Don't the two go together perfectly?


P.S. Don't forget—comment to keep winning BINGOs!


Miz Angell said...

The necklace is just gorgeous - and yes, matches perfectly. Too bad we can't use books as accessories all the time. We'd look kind of silly constantly walking around with a book held up.

ALTHOUGH conversations would be easier to start...

Preston Avery said...

Have this one on audiobook, too! I love having anthologies in that format. Leaves the hands completely free.

Jen said...

The cover is great, and that necklace does go well with it!

jenmarie.maple said...

The necklace and book look like they were designed for each other. Am still loving Trollop Bingo so much by the way!!

swannie said...

Accessorizing my favorite book or story collection with my favorite lingerie and other accessories.... I feel a theme night is in my future! What a great idea!

Sharon Wachsler said...

Doctor's forms are becoming utterly ridiculous. That one is pretty bizarre. I think doctors are now trying to screen for domestic violence, so they ask questions like, "Are you happy in your relationship?" to test the waters. I know that's not the topic of this post, but I just had to respond to the very long, very invasive, internet-sent doctor form! And I am now addicted to Trollop BINGO, so I'm posting the comment here.

I now have a new item for my bucket list: Edit an anthology that is good enough, and has a cool enough cover, to appear on Trollop BINGO.

KimberlyFDR said...

I'm running behind because of the holiday! Hope you had a good one :)

Cora Zane said...

Love the cover and the necklace. They look made for each other.