November 09, 2012

Got a Minute?

You need more than a minute, actually, to discuss Got a Minute?. At least, I do. Because G.A.M. features sixty sexy short stories.

This was my first collection of short-shorts for Cleis Press (although not my first collection of shorts), and I worked hard to blend stories of raw fucking with slivers of poetry. No, really.

I practically had to employ a Wayback Machine in order to find the Table of Contents for the title. The manuscript is not on my newish computer, nor on my current back-up. It's on a brick-sized device that generally lives in the bottom of a cupboard. Under packets of cellophane tape. And a pencil sharpener. So I just typed these by hand:

Flashers by Stephen D. Rogers
Pink by Helena Black
Squeaky Clean by Shanna Germain
A Quick Dip by Saskia Walker
The Other Side of Sleep by Marie Potoczny
The Test by Xan West
His First by Nick Santa Rosa
Hired Hunk by Rachel Kramer Bussel
French Postcards by Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Rider by Clare Moore
Wake-up Call by Aimee Nichols
The Vague Language of Sex by Michael Hemmingson
Every Night by Jeremy Edwards
Truck-Stop Quickie by Rakelle Valencia
Case of the Hornys by Jocelyn Bringas
Hungry for Love by Saskia Walker
Swim by Laura Marks
What She Hath Deserved by Alison Tyler
The Interior Virgin by L.A. Mistral
When My Boyfriend Is Away by Brooke Stern
As She Was Told by Tenille Brown
The Perfect Season by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Muff Diver by Shanna Germain
Water Love by J.Sinclaire
Flying by Sasha White
The Covers of Books by Marie Potoczny
A River With Two Mouths by Stephen D. Rogers
Marks Reviewed by Debra Hyde
Tasting Kate by Jolie du Pre
Run-In by Tsaurah Litzky
Fondue Night by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Gloria by Jordan Castillo Price
Perfect by Sharon Wachsler
The Writer's Muse by Gwen Masters
Study Break by Jolene Hui
A True Story by Cate Robertson
From Bitter to Sweet by Andrea Dale
Bart and Randi by Michael Hemmingson
Pleasing by Jocelyn Bringas
Saturday Afternoon Steam by Joel A. Nichols
The Magazine by Bonfils
How to Spank Me by Shanna Germain
Alley Obsession by Xan West
Watch and Wait by Justus Roux
Transformations by Jen Cross
A No-Win Situation by Alison Tyler
Holly's Fantasy by Kate Laurie
Come from Behind by Cate Robertson
Short-Lived Lace by Lynn Burton
Salacious Robinson by Sylvia Day
Backroom Sally by Ingha Mahn
She Lives Alone by Kathryn O'Halloran
Research by Kate Vassar
The Window by Aimee Nichols
The Best Cure for Jet Lag by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Nails by Bonnie Dee
Fencing with Discipline by Thea Hutchinson
The Last Good-bye by Alison Tyler
What Kind of a Slut Are You Anyway? by N.T. Morley
On Your Back by Cate Robertson

Holy fuck, right? That's a lot of porn!

The book first came out in April of 2007, but was re-released in 2010, with a frisky foreword by my hero Thomas Roche.

The collection has received a slew of lovely reviews including:

Totally Altered My Perception of Porn
A Fun, Diverse Collection
A Quick Read With Very Hot Sex
And a Video!

I would be pleased to add links to the TOC. But I can't go searching for each one right now. So authors, if you'd like me to kick a link your way, please drop a note or post a comment and I'll dress up the TOC as we go along.

For a sliver of the kind of kink you'll find in the collection, here is a tease from my story, The Last Good-bye:

“Be ready for me,” Connor said over the phone. “I’ll be over in ten.”

“Ready?” my voice trailed upward, making a question of the single word, while my mind raced. Ready. I already knew what that meant. Connor had considered our last two weeks together as a form of sexual boot camp. He spent his days packing boxes of belongings for shipping home, saying goodbye to friends, tying up loose ends.

He spent his nights tying up loose ends, too. Pulling the ends of loose scarves until they tightened securely around my wrists…fastening a blindfold over my eyes, capturing my ankles with his leather belt. He was determined to educate me, to make my fantasies come true. We took our opportunities wherever we could find them. This was our final weekend together, and we finally had a true place to play. All three roommates were gone until Monday—Lois to Santa Barbara, Nathan to Vegas, Garrett to San Francisco.

Connor and I had the place to ourselves.

The night before, he’d surprised me with a bag of supplies from a local sex toy store: a red-and-black paddle, a soft purple suede flogger, a set of silver cuffs. And there were more gifts, ones he didn’t let me open yet. He hadn’t used any on me. But he’d watched as I’d unwrapped each new toy, and when I looked up at him, he had cocked a blond eyebrow at me and said, “Tomorrow night, you won’t have to be quiet.”

I knew what that meant. I was always quiet. Practically silent. Connor had been trying to get me to open up, to feel comfortable enough to let loose. The most I’d managed so far was a husky moan. I’d never been a screamer. I internalized everything. Tears might streak my cheeks, but I would not cry out. I could not. Connor had plans to change that.

(In delightful news, a version of "The Last Good-bye" will appear in the novel I just turned in to Cleis Press, which will be published in the UK by Black Lace Books.)

And there you have it. Day #2 of Trollop Bingo. What do you think?


P.S. I'm not stickler for rules. If you've just joined, feel free to take a ride in the Wayback machine yourself and comment on yesterday's BINGO post, too.


Jen said...

I wish I was having that much fun this morning...

KimberlyFDR said...

That's an extensive TOC! I like short-shorts sometimes because you can get a tasty treat when you don't have a lot of time ;)

swannie said...

Proud to say I have this particular collection!

ri endo said...

i got about , 7 hours
before i can go home and have all the minutes i want.


you're so awesome and clever... ;-)

John G said...

The shortest of the shorts come in real handy. I like these for a quick pick-me-up!

jenmarie.maple said...

Love The start of that story, so much in fact I might have to get the collection just to read the rest of it!!!

Preston Avery said...

Have to but this one on the tbr!

tgstonebutch said...

Here is my (Xan West's) link:

This was the second collection I was ever published in, and I still have great affection for it.

Sharon Wachsler said...

I forgot to comment! I just crossed off the cover and sent you my link. Does that count?

(or this? ;-b)

Preston Avery said...

I meant put this one on the tbr. PUT. haha

John G said...

Any chance this would be made into an audio book?

Miz Angell said...

Damn I was so sure I had commented on this, and then I realized it was probably from my iPhone and those suck ass.

LOL. I did love this collection. The cover looks similar to a situation I found myself in awhile back...but that's a different story altogether. :P

cgeye said...

That's hours of reading, right there.