November 10, 2012

Come On, Baby, Play with Fire

Playing with Fire was one of those perfect situations where I struck the match and the authors provided the flames. This remains one of my most popular anthologies, and I can take credit for the organization and theme of the book, but the authors (oh, the authors) did the rest. Check out the purple and gold-tinged flames just licking at this line-up (as well as the first sentences of their incendiary stories):

Lucifer and Venus by Nikki Magennis:

When I think of him I smell the hot gravel tang of phosphorous.

Fire Woman by Sommer Marsden:

Emma likes to watch the fires.

White Heat, White Light by Shanna Germain:

Night is falling.

Carrying a Torch by Sophia Valenti:

When Bobby comes in after his date, I pretend to be asleep.

Out of the Frying Pan by P.S. Haven:

"Lynn told me you came in her mouth," Lawrence began.

Three on a Match by Jeremy Edwards:

I was eighteen, and I kept falling in love with my buddies' girlfriends.

One Hundred Degrees in the Shade by Teresa Noelle Roberts:

You don't often see one hundred degrees in the hills of central New York.

Burned by Michael Hemmingson:

Jordan Navarro was aloof, sitting in front of her laptop, naked, trying to finish her first novel one hot day in the middle of July, the Los Angeles smog seeping into the apartment like a midnight intruder bent on ravaging and pillaging unsuspecting virgins.

One Hot Slut by N.T. Morley:

Just getting it shaved is like an epic feat.

Trial By Fire by Bella Dean:

We need to choose.

Where There’s Smoke by Kristina Wright:

"Is his cock bigger than mine?"

Texas Hot by ADR Forte:

"Mornin'," I tell him.

Flick that BiC by J.D. Waters:

Nine o'clock and I'm beat.

The Salsa Bar by Jolene Hui:

Every time I think about that night, I smile.

Fanning the Flames by Andrea Dale:

Oh, now he'd done it.

On a Hot Tin Roof by I. K. Velasco:

There was a harsh disinfectant smell—an illusion of clean.

Hot Off the Press by Thomas S. Roche:

Deirdre already had the first line written before she even had her clothes off.

Scorched by Janine Ashbless:

Max leaned over the gearshift to give her a kiss on the cheek.

The Last Cigarette by Heidi Champa:

They drove to the party in silence, the cold leather of the BMW feeling good where their skin touched it on the warm summer night.

Some Like it Hot by Alison Tyler:

You get heat in the summertime.

Fire Boy by Christopher Tolian:

Hop hop hop into the fire.

Just Add Water by M. Murphy:

Jason came home to find me installing a brand-new shower curtain.

I have a blog dedicated to the book—which I must remember to update more often!

So there you have it. Day #3 of Trollop Bingo. I'm in heated (ha) conversations right now with ETSY artists for the Bingo prizes. I'm so excited, I think I might play along, too!


P.S. Late to the game? Here's Day #1 and Day #2.

P.P.S. Old link? Drop me a line and I'll fix right away. I'm at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.


swannie said...

Love this!!

KimberlyFDR said...

I reviewed this one earlier this year and it is indeed scorching hot! :D

jenmarie.maple said...

Wow,gotta love a book that has it's own blog!!! I'll be checking that out asap! :-) x

Jen said...

Nice cover!

Sharon Wachsler said...

I keep forgetting to comment! The first lines are definitely incendiary. I love the cover art, too. Might this be a prize in the BINGO contest??

Preston Avery said...

I have and love, love, love this collection!

Miz Angell said...

This is an amazing collection, and the cover is so HOT. I have this one on my shelf. It's a little dog-eared....hehe.

John G said...

Woah . . . the most eye catching first line is "Just getting it shaved is like an epic feet." How many meanings can be in that story! (Great, another must-get!)

cgeye said...