December 23, 2012

"totally lust-worthy"

Oh, so cool Cora Zane recently sent me this note that I've been meaning to post for other lipstick junkies out there:

I saw this post over at Temptalia's called 5 Stunning Dark Red Lips and instantly thought of you. She's showcasing five red lipsticks for the holidays. It's makeup porn, pure and simple.

The red lipstick at the very bottom is my favorite, and what a perfect name for it: Good to be Bad.

It's a totally lust-worthy red.

She's right. Totally fucking lust-worthy. The one I am craving right now is too dear for my pocket book. Especially, because I don't want just the one. I like Pirate, Palpitante, Passion, and Inimitable. You know, when I win the lottery.

The image above is what happens when you type "lipstick red" into ETSY. So now, not only do I want $100+ of gloss for my pout, I want suitcases to boot! Oh, damn. Did someone say boots? As Cora said, it's "Good to be Bad."

If you're like me this year and have pennies in your pocket rather than nice crisp bills, consider the gift of ease. I mean, eee-s. Here are several for ninety-nine cents each:

Like a Girl:

Review: Wonderful twist on gender... I'm a big fan of crossdressing stories and I'm a definite fan of Alison Tyler. Put them together and you have a wonderful adventure! I like how Ms. Tyler took the well-loved act of cross-dressing and gave us something new. The exploration of all the characters was interesting and the result of their actions left me pondering long after I was done. Definitely pick this one up!

• Casual Spank Day

Review: Casual Spank Day is a much better idea than Casual Friday.

Excerpt: His hand through my panties stung, but he wasn't hurting me enough to make me wary. "Then why?"

"Ah, baby. I love when you get all heated up like that. I don't know anyone else who could be so impudent while having her bottom spanked."

• Obsessed

Review: Holy Crap, Alison. I just bought and read OBSESSED! It blew me away. I have very wet panties - Loved, loved, loved it...FANTASTIC! Thank you for your kink and your gift in sharing it! —Chicago Girl

Excerpt: "I think you're obsessed with spanking."

"Define obsessed."

Brandon went into the office and returned with his battered red copy of Webster's New World Dictionary: "To haunt or trouble in mind, especially to an abnormal degree."

"Define spanking."

He paused, then licked his right pointer and flipped to the S's. "A series of smacks, especially on the buttocks, in punishment."


Authors, do you have any ninety-nine cent reads you'd like to add to my list? Leave them in the comments and I'll kick them up on the post!


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Cora Zane said...

The cab door opened and a woman with a little red train case stepped out onto the curb. The train case matched her blood red boots and plump red lips, but she was otherwise dressed in black.

* * *

How awesome is that little red train case?! I need to write a heroine with a train case now. My mother had an avocado green train case in the late 70s that I used to take with me to slumber parties. Did you see the custom decorated ones on etsy? I'd love a red one with dandelion silhouettes.