January 09, 2013

BINGO. The Cheat Sheet.

This color is called "NSFW." There *is* a Trollop, but oh woe's me, the hue is a "pinked coral." How wrong is that? I also like this one, which is named Stalker. Someone at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics clearly has a sense of humor.

For some reason, when I'm buried under deadlines, I like to look for lipsticks. I'm not sure what that says about me. I don't need anymore lipsticks. But I do like to lick. I mean, look.

There is also a "Super NSFW" — which is a little how I'm feeling right now. Super Not Suitable for Work. Not because my mind is so dirty, but because I'm juggling about 16.3 ideas. I've got a novel due on 1/15; excerpts from my previous novel to submit by, um, now; and an antho for 2/1. (The antho is looking fab, by the way. You writers rock.) I'm also re-editing a vintage anthology (from more than a decade ago) and polishing up the next installment in our anal series. And my brain went into overdrive recently, so I have a list of shorts I have to write, if only to quiet down the voices in my head. (Sometimes those voices need a fucking ball gag. I swear.)

Which brings us to BINGO.

If you're like me, you're a little confused as to which spots on my BINGO board are filled and which are not. So here is a refresher. So far, we've managed to "cover" the following...

One Night Only
The Big Book of Bondage
The Best of Donna George Storey
Hungry for Love
Smart Ass
Merry XXXmas
Sudden Sex
Fetish Sex

What's sad is that I have a few bits of news for some of the titles I've already mentioned. Like the fact that One Night Only made The Bright List.

And Merry XXXMas won a fab review on Paperback Dolls.

Then there's news that doesn't have anything to do with BINGO, but I just wanted to share... Janine Ashbless highlights a story by Erica Dumas in an interview here.

So where does that leave us?

With new squares to cover this week. I promise!


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