January 23, 2013

"Cute Boy Gets Squeezed..."

D.L. King had me at the title with this one. Tilly Hunter gracefully reviewed the piece from The Big Book of Bondage on her blog...

...the whole story is, in a wonderfully subtle way, an exposition of a physical and psychological need that, in this case, seems to be completely natural. There are several moments when Cute Boy (who also goes by the name Pete!) has reservations – when Eve points out his ‘nice cock’ to her housemate, when there is the suggestion that said housemate is going to take photos of him, when she introduces the butt plug. But his expressions of unease are overwhelmed by his need. And when he sees the vac bed, his deep desire to feel its embrace shuts off the noise in his head and renders him hopelessly, sweetly, compliant. Add in a couple of toys and it leads to an orgasm the likes of which he’s never had before.

Read the whole review here and stop by shortly (like in a few hours) for a second review. I'm double-dipping today!

According to her bio, Tilly Hunter is a British erotica writer who pens "filthy stories full of BDSM, chicken coops and pure new wool. Mostly BDSM though."


P.S. Urban Dictionary makes me laugh. I like the "not to be confused" part.

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