January 27, 2013

"Damn, girl!"

Sharon Wachsler has thoughtfully and thoroughly reviewed Giselle Renarde's story Double Dutch from The Big Book of Bondage. (As a side note, authors, Cleis will be sending out your contributor copies shortly, and I'll be hitting you with payment today and tomorrow!)

Sharon says: The tension in "Double Dutch" starts with the word go. Actually, it starts with the first two words: "Damn, girl!" and draws the reader in with the lively language of four passionate teammates.

She continues: In addition to being sexy, "Double Dutch" brings a lot of sweetness and fun into the mix. The characters have a camaraderie that is infectious, carried in the fast beats of their dialogue and the familiarity of their clothes, their gear, and the space they inhabit. A deeper connection than you'd guess at the beginning is revealed in looks and touches and unfolding history.

Read the whole review here.

Sharon Wachsler is always delighted when her erotica appears in an Alison Tyler anthology, including, most recently, Sudden Sex and The Big Book of Bondage. She blogs about sex, writing, and disability at Bed, Body & Beyond (sharonwachsler.blogspot.com). Find her on Twitter as @aftergadget.


P.S. Damn necklace is from Minda's Art.

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Jo said...

Oh seriously?? God, between that and RKB's payment, I might be able to buy some boots!

I always have great plans for my few and far between publishing moneys, and I ALWAYS end up spending them on bills and shopping. Perhaps not this time, even if I am broke til Friday!