January 25, 2013


What an awesome gift! Check out these His & Hers flasks from Lady Rene. I think I may need this one, too. (But mine would say TROLLOP.)

Now that I've got you thinking about drinking at 6:30 a.m., I am ready to spill my... no, not liquor. News.

See, I’m in need. I’m jonesing for stories. And this time, I’m collecting for not one book, but two anthologies. (I think this is called erotic multitasking.) Cleis Press will be publishing a “couple” of books—one written to a male reader and one written to a female reader.

You want to know what I’m looking for, right? Sultry stories written in second person, that is, to the “you” of the reader. Yes, I’ve done this before—with writer extraordinaire Thomas Roche—but last time, he and I penned all the stories ourselves for the titles His and Hers. (We were greedy.) This time, I want you to write the stories.

Now let’s talk themes—I’m open. No, really. These aren’t specifically bondage books or kinky books, ménage books or anal books, sex toy books or fetish books. Although, you know me, I’d like a little of everything. I am good with m/f, m/m, and f/f. So feel free to choose your favorite genre. All my standard no-nos apply.

Deadline: April 15, 2013—EXTENDED DEADLINE: APRIL 22, 2013
Word Length: 2,000 – 4000
Payment: $75 per story

Please write: His Book or Her Book on the subject line. Paste your story into the email. Send to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. Include a brief (50 word) bio. For the bio, please conform to Cleis' request as follows: "We are imposing a firm 50-word limit on contributor notes. Please include the author's website (or email address -- but not both) and the title of his/her latest publication. Plus any additional info that fits the word limit."

You don't have to write a story for each book—although you definitely can.

Funny, I always feel as if I’m missing something when I write these. If you think I am, please drop me a note. Or pour me a drink.


P.S. As Jeremy Edwards pointed out — I wasn't totally clear with the viewpoint I'm looking for. (Shocking!) I'd like the narrator to be a character in the story. For an example, read Jeremy's comment below.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Awesome! I love the His and Hers books.

Question: Do you specifically want stories where the narrator is also a character, i.e., the "I" writing to the "you," as in, "You walk out of the bar and notice me standing on the sidewalk"? (Most or all of the ones you and TR wrote were of that nature, weren't they?) As opposed to stories in which the narrator is not a character, as in, "You walk out of the bar and notice Horatio standing on the sidewalk"?

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you for the compliment and the query, JE. I would rather that narrator is a character. Thanks for the clarification. (And sorry, Horatio. Maybe next time.)


Jo said...

You go pick up Horatio on the back of your motorbike and park outside my door... :)