January 26, 2013

"raunchy and romantic"

I'm behind again. This may be another two-post day! It's definitely a two-pot day. I'm deep into the coffee already.

But right now, I want to lean back and savor Andrea Dale's review of Shanna Germain's story in The Big Book of Bondage...

I admit it: I'm a total fangirl of Shanna Germain's work (and, to be honest, of Shanna herself). She writes about couples who are real, couples I can believe in, and she's not just writing about sex. Good erotica—REALLY good erotica—isn't about the sex, but how at least one of the participants is changed by the sex act depicted in the story. Shanna's stories frequently punch me in the gut with their emotion even as they're teasing me farther down below.

"Filthy Rich" is no exception. She presents a couple who seem to have it all: wealth (after poverty), youth, and time. Isn't that what we all what? Time and means to indulge ourselves? But Stacy's bored—and for a lot of couples, that would mean the end.

Back in the day, TJ knew exactly what Stacy wanted, exactly what she needed. And now, still loving Stacy, he still knows what to do to her, and for her, and with her.

This story is raunchy and romantic, and I'm in love with TJ and Stacy and Shanna. So go read it now.

Called a “legendary erotica heavy-hitter” (by the ├╝ber-legendary Violet Blue), ANDREA DALE writes sizzling erotica with a generous dash of romance. Her work—which has been called “poignantly erotic,” “heartbreaking,” and “exceptional”—has appeared in the Publisher’s Weekly¬-starred Best Erotic Romance and Romantic Times 4-star anthology Steamlust, as well as about 100 other anthologies from Harlequin Spice, Avon Red, and Cleis Press. She finds passion in rock music, clever words, piercing blue eyes, the wind in her hair, and the scent of the ocean. Visit cyvarwydd.com for more information.

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