January 21, 2013

Want a Spanking...

...or a blow job? A night of BDSM or a romantic rendezvous? Something sublime to read to your partner or simply a tantalizing treat to whisper to yourself?

You supply the character details (or let me fill in the blanks), the genre of your desires (BDSM, cross dressing, wax play, spanking, blindfold, handcuffs, voyeurism, exhibitionism, wife-watching, menage...), the length you crave, and I will write you a dirty story.

I'm offering a variety of lengths—a 1500-word Flash Fuck, 2500-word Ecstatic Encounter, and a 5K Original Orgy (of words). The story will be to your specifications, totally new, never published, solely yours.

Here are free examples of my shorts.

Bachelor's Dessert (1500 words)
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (2500 words)

Drop me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com if you're interested.


P.S. Will work for shoes.

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