February 21, 2013


You know me and forms. I can't explain my over-the-mountain-top reaction to having to fill in little boxes with bits of information. But god, do I ever hate it. Well, the one I answered last fall is coming back to haunt me. Yes, it is the ghost of forms past. When I spoke to the receptionist at the gyno this week, she said, "Now, did you fill in the online form at a prior date?"

"Um, yeah," I told her. I honestly did fill it in. I just didn't fill it in honestly.

"Oh, good. Well a company we work with called 'Intrusive' will be calling to check up on you. To see if you have any new information to add."

I swear to god, I thought that's what she said. Obviously, I misheard. (Kind of like my American Society for Spanking moment.) I don't know what the company is actually called. Invasive? Insensitive? Inappropriate? I'm sticking with Intrusive for the moment.

In other form news, I had to fill out the Census this year for our business. This was such a mindfuck. There were multiple page twos, threes, fours. It took me hours. And then, at the very end, there was a second form unattached to the main part. And this form had the following verbiage:

Is your company owned or controlled by another domestic company
Does your company operate at more than one physical location?

Yes—Complete lines B and C and return this form with your completed 2012 Economic Census form.
No—Discard this form (NC-99510) and return your completed 2012 Economic Census Form.

Am I the only one who finds this surreal? If you checked "no," which I did, you then discard the form you just checked. So you are the only person who will ever know that you checked that box. Well, that's not totally true. Now, you all know I checked that box, too. Maybe we should tell the American Society for Spanking, as well. What do you think?


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Jo said...

Intrusive! Ha :)

Clearly you have bad form Karma. I hope it's better in the next life!